细胞存储用于储存您健康、强壮的免疫细胞种子——树突状细胞(Dendrilife Cell, DC)。DC是目前所知的机体内功能最强的抗原提呈细胞,是机体免疫应答的始动者,在免疫应答的诱导中具有独特的地位。DC能够激活并调节适应性免疫的这种特性是诺贝尔医学奖获得者的重大发现,它革命性地改变了人们对免疫系统的理解。这种强壮并健康的树突状细胞,能够介导出精准T细胞,后者具有强大的抗肿瘤作用,同时DC株还指挥NK细胞参与杀伤肿瘤细胞的任务,提高机体免疫功能,抵抗疾病侵袭,护佑人体健康。

        Dendrilife Cell Storage—Store Your Strong and Healthy Immunocytes. Currently, DCs are the most powerful APCs in the body and are the initiators of immune response, which plays a special part in the induction process of the immune response. DCs feature in the function of activating and regulating adaptive immunity, which was a major finding made by a Nobel Prize winner. This discovery has fundamentally changed our understanding of the immune system. The strong and healthy DCs can precisely mediate T-cells, granting remarkable cancer-fighting function. At the same time, DC stubs can improve the immune function, combat diseases and maintain the health status of the body by mobilizing the NK cells towards killing tumor cells.
        In order to solve the problem of the small quantity and low activity of DCs and T-cells in a patient’s body, the DCs that are collected and stored during the time the patient is in a healthy state can be transfused back into the body, which can improve the activity and the proliferation ability of the DCs, achieving a better treatment outcome. Hence, it is recommended to store your DCs as early as possible in order to provide strong and healthy DCs for your family and for yourself in case of any outbreak of any diseases in the future.